We had the best, most comprehensive, and caring farm visit today for 2 young mares. Dr. Viveka and her assistant are simply wonderful! We’re completely satisfied! Pamela R.
Beautiful and friendly staff. Lorell J.
Helpful, caring people. Excellent vets and exceptional pet care. Nancy S.
Love Dr. Viveka! Thank you for great care. Marlise H.
The staff was extremely friendly & prompt & thorough. My Sweet Arabian Sebastian was very relaxed considering he had blood drawn. He really appreciated the treats! Thanks so much!! Shawn D.
“Vets are great and really helpful” – Allison I.
“Everyone is so kind and helpful here. They truly care about the animals they are treating”. – Erika W.
Thank you, Dr. Allen and Jenny for being so awesome removing staples and stitches from my weanling mule Jolene today! She had a pretty traumatic experience having them out in by another vet. Dr. Allen and Jenny were calm, patient, and understanding with little Jolene even though she was very nervous about the whole thing, I could not have been happier with how it went! Also, Jolene went straight back to being my best bud when you left, that tells you just how much better this experience was for her. THANK YOU!!!! – Baily D.