Promoting the well being of our patients through the prevention of illness and injury is a major focus of our practice. Our veterinarians can help design a preventative health plan to fit your horse’s lifestyle and risk factors. A preventative health plan expertly designed to fit your horse’s lifestyle and risk factors. This can better protect him than a one size fits all approach, and save you from spending money on unnecessary products.

Our veterinarians regularly review the available vaccines and dewormers, and consult with leading experts to select those products that are the safest and most effective. Saving a few dollars by using a vaccine with outdated strains or unacceptable risk is false economy, so price never outweighs safety and efficacy when selecting those products to use for your animal.

The administration of appropriate and high-quality vaccinations is just a part of our semi-annual veterinary visits. A general physical checkup can help identify minor problems early in the course of disease. Weight issues and nutritional concerns, as well as general health care questions can be addressed during the face-to-face consultation with the veterinarian. Additionally, routine dental care is a huge part of our preventative health offerings.