Equine DentistryOur practice is committed to providing progressive, high-quality dentistry for your horse. We believe regular, quality dental care is a vital part of your horse’s overall health program and a key element in his comfort, wellness, performance and longevity. All of our equine veterinarians are equipped and trained in the use of motorized and hand- powered dental instruments. The use of sedation and full-mouth speculums to perform comprehensive oral exams allows our veterinarians to accurately assess and treat the dental needs of your horse with his comfort and safety in mind. Updates in equipment and continuing education allow our practice to stay abreast of rapidly developing advancements in modern equine dentistry. 

With regular maintenance your horse will be more comfortable, will utilize feed more efficiently, may perform better, and might even live longer. Horses with dental problems may exhibit weight loss, abnormal chewing, dropping of feed or head shaking. 

Changes in behavior and performance problems are not unusual. Some will simply adapt to the pain or discomfort and show no sign at all. We recommend that a dental exam be performed each year for the mature horse and every 6 months for growing horses and seniors. In addition to routine dentistry, we offer dental radiography, periodontal and restorative therapies, oral/sinus surgery and extractions.